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Sweden will amaze you with its spectacular peninsulas, beautiful beaches, massive woodlands, world-class attractions, and excellent bars. This majestic and impressive place has everything you may be looking for to enjoy the vacation. Whether you’re considering vacation packages, rental cars, or restaurants, Omdomesstalle.se is a Sweden-based community-driven reviewing site with a five-star scale that helps businesses to collect customer feedback.

To give you an idea, let’s consider that you don’t have any idea about car rental companies. You can read the reviews on Europcar and other companies to get aid in decision-making. This article generally explains what a car rental company can ask you under the requirements of renting a car or what you should take care of when renting a car. So, when going on vacation in Sweden, make sure to rent a car which is better than public transportation. See what can be on the list!

1.Documents you need

To rent a car, most rental companies require an acceptable ID that meets Avis requirements and a valid driver’s license.

2.Minimum age for car rental

The minimum age to rent a car is 25. If you’re below this age, you have to pay an additional surcharge. However, …