Month: June 2021

Germans most remarkable cars

German engineering is famous globally for its quality and functional cars. There exist many German brands in the market, some of which are by now outdated. Currently, German has seven active car makers. A majority of this being high-end manufacturers who make prominent brands. German automakers are known for producing high-class vehicles that focus more on performance under the function over form principle that they’ve adopted, enabling them to emphasize more on quality and functionality. These remarkable qualities have made Germany the leading car manufacturer in Europe and among the top 5 car manufacturers worldwide. Having a 6 million output annually, German cars are globally some of the most innovative cars. However, with too many German brands in the market, it can be hard to choose which brand to go for. To guide you while buying a German brand, you can use review sites such as German insurance companies will also help you to choose the best auto insurance for your vehicle. In 1870 Engineers Nikolaus Otto and Karl Benz invented the four-stroke internal combustion engine. Below are some of the most remarkable German vehicles throughout time.


In the mid-1980’s Audi was performing well, especially among …