Month: May 2021


Public transportation in Germany is cheap, efficient, and very reliable. It includes buses, urban metro systems, taxis, high-speed trains, etc. In some cities, public transportation may cost as low as €66 or €81 in expensive cities like Berlin.

However, public transportation may just not be for you or you probably have a task at hand that would make public transportation a bad choice.

Perhaps you want to get a private car to use from the airport, explore the beautiful countryside or go on an adventure with enough privacy to yourself. The best option would be to rent a car that is capable of satisfying such a need. To rent a car that is reliable and efficient is not an easy task. One needs to be careful in the selection process to avoid making costly mistakes.

I must remind you that using a car rental service is expensive in comparison with the cheap public transportation systems provided by the government. You should be sure that this is really what you want.


After securing a supposed good car rental service is to check out trusted users’ reviews. Read and find out the pros and cons of the service. Can …

Top 5 Car Rental Companies in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most important economies. A small but significant portion of this comes from the many tourists, students, and immigrants from Western countries who visit this beautiful country and drive on its streets.

Travelling to Germany is like visiting a living museum with the best beer, incredible architecture, and a thriving artistic scene, all while being surrounded by beautiful parks and the world-famous Autobahn.

Whenever you get to Germany, you will most likely need a rented car to move around schools, cities, and the whole city of Germany. To get the best car rental company, you need to visit de.collected reviews for genuine reviews on rental companies in Germany. TUI cars have all you need to get the best services too.

Here are five car rentals you should check out.


Sixt must be one of the first names that come to mind when considering Germany’s top car rental businesses. This popular vehicle rental, which has been expanding its presence throughout Europe and the rest of the world, is a German firm.

Sixt may have a small presence in other countries, but they have a significant presence in Germany, with many locations and a …