The excellent future of tire technology

Increasingly smart technologies are being introduced into cars. Artificial intelligence can react faster than humans and is also introduced into tires. 

Consumers are especially interested in tires that can adapt to different weather conditions by using sensor technology. According to a survey, 34% of drivers on the NorskeAnmeldelser hope that the black and round rubber parts on their cars will automatically react to what the weather forecast looks like. A smart tire can also monitor both itself and its surroundings faster and in more ways than the driver.

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What do drivers want in terms of tires?

  1. Be safer
  2. Use sensor technology to adapt to different conditions
  3. Eliminate the need for seasonal change
  4. Wear at a slower pace than at present
  5. Run smoothly, saving fuel and therefore extending the range of the electric vehicle
  6. To be resistant to stings, to repair themselves

Many companies provide drivers with quality tires, for example, byttdekk no. Many tires are available and we will be able to find the latest models of smart tires.

New intelligent stability control systems will provide smooth driving allowing smooth lateral movements, so overcoming an obstacle will not require a change in driving direction.

Specially designed sensors for recording road conditions will allow you to adjust your driving speed according to road conditions and weather conditions. Also, the wear of the treads will be much higher due to the spherical shape.

Autonomous vehicles require special tires . The connected sensors with which these tires will be equipped play an important role because the cars must comply with the same driving conditions as the drivers. “If a vehicle does not have an active driver to ensure that the tires provide safety, it must be measured differently,” said Mika Penttilä, Head of Digital Technology, Nokian Tires.

When the information received from the tires is combined with the meteorological data, for example, the information system onboard the vehicle can generate an overview of the driving conditions and can adapt the experience accordingly.

Tire sensors can also monitor tire wear, inflation pressure, and the temperature inside the tire. An increase in indoor temperature can be an early sign of failure, allowing it to be resolved before it causes a dangerous situation on the road.

When should smart tires be replaced?

Smart tires also allow new service models that can be used even before we see robotic cars on the streets. “In the future, tires will continue to wear out and need to be replaced. However, purchasing a new set of tires may become easier than before, ”adds Penttilä.

The refrigerators of the future can order milk when it runs out, and the same can happen with used tires. As they wear out, the sensors notify the tire retailer, who can deliver a new set or even fit them to the vehicle. However, according to Jukka Kasi, the first step is for the driver to be notified of tire wear.

The tire can transmit wear data to the onboard information system, which notifies the driver that the tires can be used safely for another three months. At the same time, the system recommends that you contact the nearest retailer and provide him with his contact details. The same happens with current vehicles that can notify the driver that they run out of fuel and offer navigation directions to the nearest gas station.